Microdermabrasion Device

Looking for a way to renew your dull skin? The Skinera Microdermabrasion Device is able to deliver younger-looking skin by improving the skin texture and elasticity. The device removes dead skin cells and promotes cell renewal. It also stimulates blood circulation for a revitalized glow. It’s the perfect solution for age spots, skin irregularities and shallow acne scars. Give it a go and admire your renewed skin in the mirror!


• For younger-looking skin
• Removes dead skin cells, promotes cell renewal
• Stimulates blood circulation, skin texture and elasticity
• Perfect solution for age spots, skin irregularities, shallow acne scars and   fine lines.
• Suitable for all skin types

What’s in this box?

1x Device
2x Diamond tips: Fine and Coarse
30x Filters
1x Adapter
1x User manual