Skinera IPL Permanent Hair Removal 100k

Removes hair painlessly using pulsed light

Hair grows in the most annoying places, like your legs, arms and armpits. We ladies know all about that, but how can you get rid of it? Forget sharp razors or sticky wax strips, because they can be very painful. The solution? Skinera IPL Permanent Hair Removal 100k! This new device allows you to remove hair permanently using IPL technology, in your own home. It’s painless and doesn’t give you any red bumps or ingrowing hairs. Discover the magic and live life smoothly!


What are the advantages?

  • Removes hairs using IPL technology
  • Lovely, silky skin
  • Suitable for body and face
  • Painless, safe and quick
  • No more redness or ingrowing hairs
  • Produces 100,000 light pulses
  • Pulses automatically
  • 5 energy levels
  • Adjustable speed
  • With Skin Colour Sensor
  • Also for tanned skin (energy level 1 only)
  • No longer any need to purchase refill cartridges

What is IPL technology?

Beauty salons use IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) to remove hair growth. This involves targeting light to areas where hair grows, like your legs. The light travels through the hairs to the hair follicles which causes them to heat – you will feel nothing of this, only your skin will feel slightly warmer. It’s the hair follicles that produce hair growth and when these are made inactive the hair growth is reduced and after some time will cease altogether. It takes several treatments to get a smooth result. Skinera IPL Permanent Hair Removal 100k works exactly like this and permanently removes hair growth. And it’s much less expensive for you, because you can do it yourself at home!


For the body and face

Whether you want to remove hair growth from your legs, arms, armpits or bikini line, Skinera Permanent Hair Removal 100K can be used anywhere. You can even use it on sensitive areas on your face, like your upper lip (yes, unfortunately hair grows there too!). The device is small, easily adjustable and produces light pulses automatically so there’s no need to push a button. Just select one of the 5 energy levels that is suitable for the colour of your skin and hair and get started. You can also set the speed you want. Below you can see which hair and skin colours the device is suitable for.

You can use the device on tanned skin (energy level 1 only), but if the skin is too dark, the Skin Colour Sensor prevents light being pulsed, so you always use the device safely. Economical: no longer any need to purchase refill cartridges!

Similar hair removal devices marketed by other brands usually work with refill cartridges. When the light pulse lamp is finished, you have to purchase a new one. Meaning you have to keep on digging into your purse… At Skinera we don’t see the sense in that. So our device works without refill cartridges and there are no additional costs for you. The cartridges are good for no fewer than 100,000 light pulses, which is enough for several complete treatments of your whole body, giving you satisfactory results. What are you waiting for? Go for a lovely, silky skin!
The IPL technology applied by Skinera IPL Permanent Hair Removal 100k has been clinically tested. These tests have proven that this technology is safe for home use. This technology is also recommended by doctors. Did you know that IPL has been used world-wide for years to remove hair growth?
Red bumps and ingrowing hairs can be a nightmare. Not to mention the itching, because you just can’t stop scratching! This can be the result of shaving, waxing or epilation and it doesn’t make your skin any prettier. Skinera IPL Permanent Hair Removal 100k works differently. Because this IPL device targets the hair follicles with pulsed light, the hairs are removed totally painlessly. Without any skin irritations. Your skin remains lovely and beautifully smooth. So smooth even, that you won’t be able to stop touching it!

In the packaging

  • 1x IPL Permanent Hair removal 100K
  • 1x Adapter
  • 1x Cleaning Cloth
  • 1x User Manual