Facial Cleansing Brush

Discover the latest trend: the Skinera Facial Cleansing Brush! This rotating facial cleansing brush cleans your face perfectly and sweeps away makeup and impurities in one smooth motion. It is suitable for daily use and helps you to finish your face cleansing routine in no time. Suitable for all skin types and can even be used in the shower. Your skin will become wonderfully smooth, clean and more radiant than ever before!



  • Rotating brush that cleans your skin perfectly
  • Complete your face cleansing routine in one minute
  • Suitable for daily use
  • Better cleansing than by hand
  • Removes makeup and impurities in no time
  • Has 2 adjustable speeds: low and high
  • Shower-proof: suitable for use in the shower
  • Includes 2 Regular brush heads
  • Battery operated
  • Suitable for all skin types

Clean your face like a pro!

Skinera Facial Cleansing Brush deeply cleanses the pores, resulting in smaller pores. The skin is thoroughly cleansed, which leads to fewer pimples on your face. The Skinera brush even cleanses more effectively than cleansing by hand. After using the Skinera brush, you will immediately feel that your skin is softer and looks cleaner. In addition, creams and lotions are absorbed more effectively by the skin. Go for beautiful and radiant skin with the Skinera Facial Cleansing Brush!

Remove your makeup in a flash

Be honest: nothing is more tiring than having to remove your makeup. You put a lot of effort into getting it just right, but it seems like it takes even more effort to remove it. That is now a thing of the past! Skinera Facial Cleansing Brush works with a rapidly rotating brush, meaning that you no longer have to “scrub” by hand. The brush simply does all the work. Hold your brush under running water, apply a small amount of cleansing lotion to the brush and move it over your face. You will see that makeup and impurities disappear like snow melting in the sun and your skin can breathe freely again.

The perfect brush with useful features

The Skinera Facial Cleansing Brush is shower-proof and this means that you can use this brush in the shower. Very handy, because you can complete your daily facial cleansing routine even more quickly. In addition, this brush has 2 speeds: select the low or high setting, depending on which you prefer. The device operates on 2 LR06 (AA) batteries, which are included. The package also contains 2 Regular brush heads, which should be enough for about 6 months. A facial cleansing treatment at a beauty salon is often expensive, but now you can cleanse your face in a professional manner every day for a fraction of the price!
And when you need new brush heads, you can buy these at a very reasonable price. From now on, cleansing your face is super easy! Try it yourself!