2 in 1 epilator

Who wouldn’t want smooth, sexy skin? Now you can get it easily with the Skinera 2-in-1 epilator, because it allows you to choose between removing hair by shaving or epilation. It even catches the shortest hairs and removes them effortlessly. This device is suitable for use on your whole body whether it be your legs, armpits, bikini line or arms, and it will give you long-lasting results when using the epilator head. It even removes hairs for weeks so you can enjoy an ultra-sleek skin for longer!


Shaving and epilating

The Skinera 2-in-1 epilator is specially designed for shaving and epilation. By affixing the shaver head onto the device, you can use it as an electric shaver. So you will remove hair growth quicker than with a regular razor. And if you use the epilation head, your device becomes an epilator. This allows you to achieve an even sleeker result without any stubble. And it even removes hairs for weeks so you can enjoy smooth legs, arms or armpits longer.

Removes short hair growth effortlessly

No more waiting for hairs to be long enough for epilation as you would for waxing, for instance. The Skinera epilator catches even the shortest hairs and removes them effortlessly. So you can always be sure of the best and smoothest result. Every time and everywhere.


  • 2-in-1: shaving and epilation
  • Suitable for the whole body
  • Even removes the shortest hairs
  • For large and delicate areas of your body
  • 2 epilator caps included
  • Equipped with 32 tweezers
  • Shaver head included
  • Can be used in 2 speeds
  • Rechargeable, including adapter
  • Battery life: 30 to 40 minutes
  • Cleaning brush included

For large and delicate areas

The 2 epilation caps included enable you to remove hair growth from delicate and large areas with the greatest of ease. The small cap, for instance, is ideal for the bikini line and the large cap is the best choice for your legs, for example. The 32 tweezers work fast and make sure you remove hair growth quickly. Also the device makes optimum contact with the skin and follows your body contours meaning that whether you are shaving or removing hair growth by epilation, it’s comfortable.

Rechargeable, can be used in 2 speeds

No more fuss with cords getting in the way. The Skinera epilator is rechargeable and when it is fully recharged, you can use it for between 30 and 40 minutes. The 2 speeds on this device mean that you can choose between removing hair growth slowly or quickly. The slow speed, for instance, is ideal when you want to work on sensitive areas carefully, such as the bikini line.